2015      Model received Outstanding Award at China Academy of Art

2015      Model received ZengZhushao Sculpture Art Scholarship

2018      Young Talent Scholarship, International Summer Academy of Fina Arts

2018      Silly child and weird cactus, short list, KENNETH ARMITAGE FOUNDATION AWARDS 2018

2018      Silly child and weird cactus, Day Day Sanatorium, short list, Aesthetica Art Prize

2015      Model, Taiyuan International Sculpture Biennial 2015, Taiyuan, China

2016      Temple of Sea God, 2016 The First International Sculpture Exhibition, Haining, China

2017      Cycle , WIP SHOW, Royal College of Art, London, UK

2017      Ten-Hour in My Life, RCA Edinburgh Exhibition, Edinburgh, UK

2017      Only Simulacrum Is True, THE COMING COMMUNITY, The Crypt Gallery, London, UK

2017      Line, Beyond The Borders, Galerie Joseph Saint Martin, Paris, France

2018      Trace of Walking, Between E2 to N1 Critical Cartographies, Filet, London, UK

2018      DDS, The\Rehab\Lab , Hackney Gallery, London, UK

2018      Where is the lion from, Too Much Information, Seventeen Gallery, London, UK

2018      A1-, Now Showing, Chelsea College of Art, London, UK

2018      Patting my head he replied, PLANE OF IMMANENCE, Safehouse Gallery, London, UK

2018      没头脑的仙人掌, Violence in Silence, SPrctrum Art SPace, Beijing, China

2018      Curmpled, Fine Art unit in New Horizons 2018, Coast Gallery, Zhuhai, China